Top 5 Best Part Time Jobs For Seniors At Home
Written by Brian B

Top 5 Best Part Time Jobs For Seniors At Home

Senior lifestyles are changing drastically, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Some seniors may be looking to pick up new hobbies or even a part-time job while staying safe at home. Below is a list of five at-home jobs, perfect for seniors looking for work.

Best At-Home Jobs For Seniors

  1. Career Coach
  2. Data Entry
  3. Customer Service Representative
  4. Consultant
  5. Writer/Editor

Career Coach

A part-time gig as a career coach is perfect for the senior who has seen it all over decades in the workforce. Especially now, thanks to services like Zoom and Skype, career coaching is easier than ever and can be done right from the comfort of your own home. Seniors can provide valuable guidance in these roles; teaching inexperienced workers how to succeed. Draw back on your own experiences to give younger generations interviewing tips and even offer resume critiques.

Data Entry

Looking for a job you can do from home, but would rather not sit on the phone all day? Well, a gig as a data entry specialist could be right up your alley. Those seeking data entry positions will have to be tech savvy, especially with so many constant updates. Take typing lessons or classes online to get up to speed if you want to enter the fast-paced world of data entry.

Customer Service Representative

Before accepting a role in customer service, these positions generally require a few things from applicants. You must own a landline telephone, a computer and have high-speed internet. Most of these roles will involve answering customer questions and problem solving. Emails and online chats could be part of the job, in addition to answering incoming phone calls. The biggest benefit of this job, obviously, is everything can be done from home. If you already possess the necessary equipment, then this is definitely a position worth looking into.


A consultant is a very broad term, but it means a variety of roles will be available. Just like career coaching, consulting will allow seniors to look back on their own personal work experiences and provide solutions to modern problems. Whether you have expertise in human resources or finance, consultant jobs are plentiful in today’s business climate.


This is an ideal position for those with prior experience writing or even for those who aspire to learn the ins and outs of the craft. Luckily, these days, positions are available for inexperienced writers. Bloggers are always needed online. Some jobs may start off as unpaid, but could offer valuable experience as you work your way up the industry. Experienced editors are always in need, with younger writers seeking guidance. Depending on years in the industry and quality of work, writing can be a profitable gig in the long run.

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