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How To Pay For Assisted Living With Medicare

How To Pay For Assisted Living With Medicare

It is needed to clear up a recurring misconception regarding Medicare’s coverage of assisted living expenses. Medicare doesn’t pay for assisted living, as well as the costs for room and board and personalized care. But medical expenses that add up at an assisted living facility can be covered by Medicare exactly as they would if the medical procedures happened in a doctor’s facility, medical institution, or at the person’s home.

Medicare Advantage (MA), however, might cover the cost of personalized care assistance, along with additional supportive services in an assisted living facility. On April 2, 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) declared the extension of supplemental benefits to integrate supplemental healthcare benefits. (This is along with the supplemental benefits, like dental, hearing, and vision that a lot of MA plans currently provide.) At one time, benefits primarily planned for “daily maintenance” weren’t covered by Medicare Advantage plans. Nevertheless, as of 2019, MA plans might offer “daily maintenance” benefits for individuals that live in an in-home setting, given services are medically adequate for the individual being discussed and are approved by a licensed provider. While CMS doesn’t offer a concise meaning of an in-home setting, it believed that assisted living facilities are thought of as such. Instances of possible services that might be available using an individual’s MA plan (and related to individuals in assisted living) as well as medical and non-medical transport and assistance with day to day living duties, like bathing, getting dressed, eating, washing clothes, and mild housecleaning. More amendments, that will enable a greater level of flexibility of supplemental benefits, will be enacted in 2020. These new regulations permit for non-health associated supplemental benefits for chronically ill individuals, given the services and / or goods may reasonably be anticipated to improve the individual’s health and / or degree of functioning, or at the minimum, maintain their current degree of health and / or functioning. Additionally, these benefits may be customized to the requirements of everyone, like a heart healthy diet for and individual that has chronic heart disease.

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