Average Length Of Stay In Memory Care Unit
Written by Brian B

Average Length Of Stay In Memory Care Unit

What is the average length of stay in memory care? Typically, the length of stay will last two to three years for an individual in either memory care or assisted living. The length of stay, though, will be contingent on the factors listed below.

Typical Length Memory Care Stay

Putting your finger on an exact timeline for a memory care stay can prove difficult. Some residents may stay in memory care for several years, while others may only stay for a matter of weeks or months. Of course, the same is true for assisted living residents, but the average stay remains between 2-3 years long.

If, for example, an individual receives some sort of at-home care before entering into assisted or memory care services, this timeline can drop dramatically. At this point, a memory care stay could last less than one year.

Memory Care Stay Factors

The length of one’s stay in memory care can depend on the following factors:

  • Health
  • Availability
  • Family Support
  • Type Of Impairment

When To Move To Memory Care

These are three signs that your loved one may need the attention provided at a memory care unit:

Physical Health Decline

Physical changes are some of the most obvious indicators of dementia or Alzheimer’s. At this time, the individual could become thin and/or frail. If the individual becomes forgetful about taking medications, physical conditions can worsen quickly.

Changes In Behavior

Loved ones suffering from dementia, specifically, may begin acting unusually. Some behaviors can be jarring, with others barely noticeable. Motor skills and behaviors should be monitored at this point. Anyone suffering from dementia can become easily agitated, anxious and confused.

Constantly Confused

Unfortunately, dementia can cause confusion and overall disorientation. Individuals can become lost and confused, even in familiar settings.

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