Memory Care Vs Nursing Home
Written by Brian B

Memory Care Vs Nursing Home

What are the differences and similarities between nursing home care and memory care?

What Is Memory Care?

Memory care units are available specifically for residents in need of more supervision and assistance. Memory care, often referred to as Alzheimer’s care units or special care units, are ideal for senior citizens with mental or physical issues. Memory care units can either exist within an assisted living facility or act as a stand-alone, in some cases.

Just like assisted living arrangements, 24-hour staff will occupy the memory care units. Think of memory care units as the same as assisted living communities, just equipped with more care and medical supervision.

Benefits Of Memory Care

Here are a few benefits associated with memory care:

  • Independence.
  • Activities.
  • Physical Safety.
  • Mobility And Medication Assistance.
  • Specialized Services. 

How Much Does Memory Care Cost?

The average cost of memory care is $3,848 a month with costs ranging from $2,500 to $5,195 in 2021.

The average cost of memory care can range from $2,500 to $5,195 a month or more. Costs differ depending on area, amenities offered, and elderly care needs. While some services such as meals, medication control, and grouped activities are included, others will be optional. For instance, residents might have access to laundry services, meal outings, or beauty services, like haircuts or manicures, but those might be and added expense.

What Is Nursing Home Care?

Nursing home senior care is the most concentrated living situation for the elderly. This type of care features more invasive caregiving than other living arrangements. This level of care is suggested for seniors who require frequent hospitalizations, with a worsening condition, overall.

How Much Does Nursing Home Care Cost?

According to SeniorLiving, a private room inside a nursing home will cost an average of $290 per day. That cost equates to $8,821 per month and $105,850 per year. Of course, costs will vary based on quality of facility and location.

Benefits Of Nursing Homes

Here’s a look at some of the many benefits of nursing home care:

  • Daily Assistance.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Food Service.
  • Specialized Health Care.
  • Safety.

What Are The Differences Between Memory Care And Nursing Home?

While both facilities offer 24/7 care and meals, there are a few differences between a nursing home and memory care. Often referred to as Alzheimer’s care, memory care specializes in caring for individuals suffering from memory loss. Much of the care in these facilities is focused on enhancing the quality of life for anyone with Alzheimer’s or dementia. This secure environment helps to minimize confusion and prevent wandering.

Nursing homes specialize in providing care for debilitated residents. Individuals living in nursing homes don’t need hospital care, yet they can not care for themselves. Typically, residents will be bedridden or require daily care.

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