Best Retirement Party Games
Written by Brian B

Best Retirement Party Games

Check out 5 of the best retirement party games below!

Two Truths And A Lie

There are a few ways this game can be played in a retirement party setting. One way is to have guests come up with two true stories about the retiree with one lie snuck in between. Or, you can choose to have the retiree tell two truths and one lie about themselves. All guests can take a crack at guessing which of the three anecdotes is a lie. Each guest should receive three index cards to write down their guesses.

Never Have I Ever

You can use a traditional bingo board setup for this game. Instead of numbering the bingo spaces, though, insert some crazy items. For instance, these boxes can include travel stories or something revealing about certain individuals. The goal of the game is to get someone to cross off five individual items the fastest. Crossing off five in a row in any direction the quickest results in victory.

The Bucket List

All party guests will enjoy this game! Place one box either in the front, center or back of the room. Instruct each guest to write one item on their bucket list. You can either pull these cards and read them aloud to the group at the end of the party or turn this activity into a guessing game. If you want to turn this into a game, hold a contest where the crowd or retiree must guess which person wrote the selected bucket list item.

Bucket List

Guess That Beer

This game is sure to be a crowd-pleasing activity! Participants should be blindfolded while drinking a selected beer. Then, have the participant guess what they are drinking. Of course, this game could also be played with wine instead of beer. Begin by pouring three ounces of beer/wine in a sampler glass. Try to make the selections as diverse as possible for a fun yet challenging guessing game. For example, a stout, cider and pilsner could be used.

Talent Contest

A staple at parties of all kinds, a talent contest is one of the most entertaining games you can play. Make everyone participate to reveal as many hidden talents as possible! Give everyone a minute to collect themselves, then draw a random order for participation. Have the retiree either participate in the talent contest or act as the judge. Make sure the winner gets a prize at the end of the contest!

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